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Automatic Valet Watchdog/Theft Deterrant

Remote Control Programmable RPM Limiter

It can be nerve-wracking handing your keys of your pampered prize possession to a total stranger at a valet station. You don't know if they're responsible drivers, what their definition of "gentle" is, or often where your car is headed when they drive out of sight.  If all parking valets were trustworthy, there wouldn't be a need for the "valet key" that prevents one from opening the trunk and glovebox.

Now there is a product that not only limits the highest RPM allowed, but puts the vehicle in limp mode when it is reached so the owner will know how the car was being treated behind their back.

Unique features of this product are:
  Valet mode puts engine in limp mode if a preset rpm is exceeded
  Theaft Deterrrant puts vehicle in limp mode even if controller is removed
  Audible redline shift indicator

True story:
JSC Engineering's Ram SRT10 V10 6-speed was saved by the valet feature twice in one day shortly after being installed.  First, after a morning photo shoot of the installation of a prototype lowering kit for the then new Viper truck, supplied by DJM, followed in the afternoon by an alignment shop, both companies referred to us by DJM, both requested to test drive the hot rod after their work was completed.
The MO was the same.  Both left the shop gently, both came back running on 5 cylinders, which means the engine hit the pre-programmed limit of 4000 rpm going around the block for a "test drive".  Must have freaked them out, thinking they broke it, but they didn't even mention it when they gave it back.  Maybe they thought we wouldn't notice?
How often do you think that happens?  Love that feature!!!!! 
This accessory gives you peace of mind when entrust someone else to drive your vehicle, like a resturaunt valet. 
Worth the price of admission for me.

The product consists of a remote keyfob and a small controller with wire harness, and only requires two simple connections, so its very easy to install.

                  Product Picture                              Audible beeps are heard at redline.
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