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FJR1300 Auto-Exhaust Cutout Controller with Stealth Switch Accessory

(cutout not included)

Allows you to only be heard when you want to be heard.  Stealth exhaust is good for avoiding speeding tickets. Can save multiple tickets, one for the speeding ticket, and here in California, one for a modified exhaust.

Better make sure there aren't any cops around when you let it roar.

A stock quiet machine is way too boring for this hot-rodder/gearhead all the time.  I get a big kick (and so does anyone else thats around) out of jumping on it and having the bike go from a whisper to a roar as it sweeps past about 6000 rpm.  Its unique, and I like that.
I have always found some extra hidden top end power of an engine by reducing the back pressure and giving it more air and fuel.  Its a noticeable kick in the pants.

Having recently developed tinnitus, I need it quiet while cruising most of the time.

I have found a big advantage to having it part way open/loud and heard by other cars when I split traffic when the freeway is stopped here on the 101.  Its like the parting of the seas when I open up the valve part way. 
My friend always now has me go first, and is amazed.  The idiots riding the white line don't have an excuse anymore.  The Harley guys have trained them well.  Speaking about Harleys, I now turn their heads when I open it up.

Don't get a ticket which will start up here soon in CA for noisy bikes.

New stealth thumb switch for one touch operation of small & medium openings, and closing, all with a push of a button on the fly.

JSC Engineering Auto Exhaust Cutout FJR  installation   JSC Engineering Auto Exhaust Cutout FJR installed   JSC Engineering Auto Exhaust Cutout FJR stealth install